Even CNN Can’t Lie: Network’s Poll Shows 4 out of 5 Americans Viewed President Trump’s Speech as…

CNN conducted a poll based off of Americans who actually watched President Donald Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress.

The end results showed that nearly four out of five had a positive reaction to it.

The network wanted us also to understand was that probably only Republicans watched and participated in the event/poll.

The survey, conducted among 509 respondents with a 4.5% margin of error, showed that 57% had a “very positive” reaction to the speech, while 21% had a “somewhat positive” reaction, adding up to 78% “positive” overall.

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Only 21% of those who watched the speech had a “negative” reaction.

In addition, 69% of viewers thought that the speech “would move the country in the right direction,” while only 26% said it would move the country “in the wrong direction.”

Prior to the speech, 58% said they expected the speech to move the country in the right direction, meaning that the speech had a positive impact on viewers.

In addition, 69% said that the speech made then more optimistic about the country, while only 28% said it made them more pessimistic.


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