Every Town for Gun Safety: Bloomberg is at it Again with a New $50 Million Gun Control Group

bloomberg-face-e1393955311302Citizens who are interested in the continuing struggle to retain our Second Amendment Rights are well aware of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) and Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense In America (Moms Demand). The two groups sit at the top of the heap of a foundering citizen control movement in the United States which is losing ground at every turn, and which is being met with massive non-compliance even when they do manage to ram laws down the throats of the citizenry.

While most gun control groups are dying for lack of interest and funding, MAIG and it’s fully-owned campaign, the “grassroots” Moms Demand, are different in that they are funded by Bloomberg’s personal fortune.

Unfortunately for Bloomberg, both MAIG and Moms Demand have earned horrible public reputations.

We’ve lost track of the MAIG mayors who have gone to prison for various felonies (including gun violence), and the group has been hemorrhaging membership in recent years. It is a dying brand, and has become a punchline.

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Moms Demand has impressively managed to immolate it’s brand in a little more than a year, thanks for the group’s propensity for soviet-style “big lie” propaganda, an obvious and nearly complete ignorance of firearms, and their obvious and unashamed drive for an outright prohibition of firearms.

Bloomberg, bless his heart, seems convinced that the real problem is his marketing, and so he’s sinking $50 million dollars to launch yet another citizen control group, Everytown for Gun Safety.

In his first major political investment since leaving office, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced plans to build a nationwide network aimed at curbing gun violence and battling the National Rifle Association, according to published reports…

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