EVIL SPAWN OF SATAN: Girl Set Her Alarm in Order to Get up Early and Stab ‘Ungrateful’ Sister


The 14-year-old girl accused of stabbing her younger sister more than 30 times in their Chicago home set an alarm and arose early to stab the victim while she was in bed asleep, say prosecutors.

The girl retrieved a knife from the kitchen in their Mundelein house then entered sleeping 11-year-old Dora Betancourt’s bedroom around 7:50am Tuesday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

She then brutally stabbed and slashed Betancourt with the knife about 30 times, allegedly shouting her complaints against her sister with each thrust, including that the elder had cooked her dinner, and that she had done her chores for her.

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Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd said the girl died from ‘multiple sharp force injuries’ which were ‘consistent with a fillet knife,’ according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

He said she suffered about 30 stab wounds to the neck, chest and arm. There were three slicing wounds across her face, and another five defense wounds to the palms of her hands, Rudd said.

Authorities say the teen has confessed to stabbing her sister to death Tuesday morning because she was ‘not thankful.’

The teenage suspect initially claimed a Hispanic male had broken into the home, but she allegedly confessed after police revealed they had found strands of the killer’s hair in the victim’s hand.

The unidentified older sister stabbed and slashed the young girl in a frenzied attack, shouting a reason at her sister each time she plunged the knife into her body, police said.

Stab wounds were found in the girl’s neck, arms and torso, some of them defensive wounds. The Lake County Medical Examiner’s Office told CBS Chicago ‘the young girl’s body had so many wounds they couldn’t count them all… [and] were so deep they punctured her lung.’

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