Ex-Mexican President Hits Out at Trump… Literally

We get it, you don’t like Trump. Apparently that makes you revert to a 4 year old having a tantrum. Thank goodness this is the FORMER Mexican President. Could you imagine the official meetings if he were the current president?

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is hitting Donald Trump yet again — but this time it’s a lot more literal.

Fox was a guest last week on the Los Angeles-based Spanish-language talk show “El Show de Piolín,” where he visited a taco truck to mock a Trump surrogate’s warning that not voting for Trump would mean a “taco truck on every corner.”

“Los tacos will make America great — not the other guy,” Fox told the show’s audience, before turning around and cracking open a Trump-shaped piñata, revealing it to be empty inside.

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“Empty, totally empty,” Fox said in reaction. “He doesn’t have a brain.”

Mexico’s ex-head of state has been an outspoken critic of Trump’s immigration policies and, in particular, the GOP presidential nominee’s vow to build a wall along the southern border and make Mexico pay for it.

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