EXCESSIVE FORCE? Teenage Hospital Patient Dies After Police Tasing

A young hospital patient is tased by Baltimore City Police, then falls into a coma and dies. The department launches an investigation into the officers’ actions at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Christie Ileto has more from police leaders.

The death of a 19-year-old hospital patient this week is the focal point of a Baltimore City Police investigation after they say one of their officers tased the teen who was in a violent altercation with Good Samaritan Hospital security earlier this month.

“When they arrived, there was at least five security guards who were engaged in a physical altercation with this 19-year-old attempting to restrain him,” said Lt. Eric Kowalczyk, Baltimore City Police.

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Top brass say the teen had been given an unknown amount of medication before they arrived. When officers left:

“The person was breathing when the officers left the hospital,” said Dep. Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez, Baltimore City Police. “It was not learned that the individual was in a coma and was possibly brain dead until several days after this incident.”

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