EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Up Close and Personal With the Snowflakes Protesting the Inauguration

Our founder and Lady in Charge, Regis Giles, took a little trip to D.C. to check out all the excitement. She caught up with the brave men and women who are in charge of keeping the city safe.


She also encountered some people who did not have those intentions in mind.

Yep, you can’t escape them. We’re talking about the protesters. And let us tell you, there were many, many…many protesting today.

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She caught a gimps of the “Water Protectors” from North Dakota. These guys weren’t violent but they were on the strange side. Here, they are teaming up with Black Lives Matter and “women’s groups.” If anything, they seem a little unorganized.

If you remember, GJWHG editor Rachel Wingenbach lives in the Bismarck/Mandan area. Her reaction to this?

She might be slightly annoyed.

These next people our fearless leader encountered need to have their mouths washed out with soap! Not only are there a plethora of f-bombs here, but these guys seem a little less prayer-like than the last group. Had she gone any closer, she may have needed back up!

There were a few others that wore colorful garments. Probably to keep themselves warm for it is chilly in D.C. this time of year.


That’s just a peaceful blanket wrapped around her peaceful shoulders. Yes, we can see the CNN headline now.

On top of all this, there was plenty of vandalism to go around.

One protester wanted to be a vandal but didn’t have the guts, so he put his vandalism on a sticker. At least he had clean up in mind.


And here you can see the aftermath of some “peaceful” protesting.



So if you didn’t get a chance to make it to our nation’s capital today, we hope you can find some consolation with this. Now, let’s make America great again!


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