What to Expect for Trump’s First State of the Union Address

This will be Trump’s “biggest speech yet”. Who’s ready for this? Bet you it’ll have more viewers than the Oscars.

By Meghan Keneally

President Donald Trump is set to make what his team is billing as “his biggest speech yet” when he gives a joint address to Congress on Tuesday night.

Few details about the speech have been released. Trump is set to deliver it from the House chamber at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

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A list of talking points about the speech was provided to ABC News by someone who received it from the White House, giving some insight into the topics he may touch on tonight.

Tax and regulatory reform, improvements to the workplace for working parents, “the disaster of Obamacare,” education access, “a great rebuilding of the American military” and commitments to veterans are listed as topics that Trump is expected to discuss, noting that they are areas where the president wants to work with Congress.

A senior administration official says that Trump will open the speech with a call for unity before touting a push to complete the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines as early accomplishments.


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