Expert at West Point Think Tank Warns of the “Violent Far-Right”

Dr. Arie PerligerWest Point created the Combating Terrorism Center after the events of 9/11, in an effort to prepare cadets for the new and dangerous environment of suicidal enemies and thwart future attacks. Sounds good and noble, and in the context of West Point should be well-founded.

However, Dr. Arie Perliger, one of the Center’s experts, published a study in November titled Challengers from the Sidelines: Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right. There is something tremendously unsettling about seeing the words “America’s Violent Far-Right” in the title.

In Challengers, Perliger attempts to sideline West Point’s time-honored motto: Duty, Honor, Country.

Dr. Perlinger’s bio boasts, “…In the past decade Dr. Perliger has studied extensively issues related to Terrorism and Political Violence, Politics of Security, Politics of the Far Right in Israel, Europe”, and yet he seems afflicted with terrorist event amnesia.

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Was it not fundamental Islamists who flew planes into the Twin Towers? Was it not Islamist Jihadis who bombed the USS Cole? Was not the number 1 terrorist in the world Usama bin Laden, the hero of Al Qaeda…one of the most evil, Islamist terror organizations in the world?

Why then would Dr. Perlinger, a Golda Meir Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem publish a study inferring a threat of violence from the right in America?

Millions of Constitution-loving Americans identify themselves as part of the “Right”. And what was once merely a Conservative in the lexicon of political discourse, is now labeled “Far-Right”. However, the Left is almost never caricatured as the “Far-Left” in media, in spite of their adherence to Socialist (and worse) tenets!

On page 4 of his study Dr. Perlinger writes concerning those he labels “far right”…



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