Explosion Shakes Downtown Houston After Harvey Damage [VIDEO]

As if officials didn’t have enough on their hands to deal with, Houston was rocked by a huge explosion in the downtown area. The office building has been completely engulfed in flames.

It seems the record-level rainfalls won’t even stop the flames that are consuming the Lone Star Legal Aid offices.

As far as the cause of the explosion, that is still a mystery. There have been no reports on any possible injuries either. Pictures and footage from social media have flooded the internet though.

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Via IJR: Eyewitness Eliud Balderas told KTRK he heard the explosion from his apartment building across the street.


He later followed up on Twitter with pictures and footage of the scene, which he eventually walked away from because the smoke was becoming “too big.”

This is a breaking news post, and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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