EXPOSED: How Hillary Has Managed to Hide from the Press

If she can’t handle being hounded by the press then she really doesn’t have what it takes to be president. Maybe her supporters will see this and think twice about voting for her. Then again, they are HILLARY supporters…so maybe not.


Hillary Clinton has never felt comfortable with the traveling political press.

With plenty of cash and a winning position in the race, Clinton has managed to keep the press at arm’s length – preserving her private plane as a refuge where the only people around are her trusted campaign aides.

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That changes on Labor Day, when the reporters and their press-leery candidate will for the first time board a “Stronger Together”-wrapped 737 from New York to Ohio to Iowa, and remain flying companions for the final stretch of the campaign.

Her team insists Clinton is on board with the set-up, despite her distrust of the national media. “She does understand that there is very good reason why it’s important for everyone to be together in the thick of a general election,” said her traveling spokesman Nick Merrill. “We’re going wrap the plane in blue and get on it together. There’s a desire to be efficient and be able to do things a little more impromptu.”

But closer quarters are no guarantee of a new level of access. “The times she’ll go back and schmooze will be few and far between,” predicted one longtime Clinton ally. “She’ll send other people back there, instead.”

Indeed, trailing Clinton since she has become the Democratic nominee has been less about developing a relationship with the candidate and more like a sensory deprivation experience.

When she’s speaking at a fundraiser, reporters camped outside can sometimes hear a muffled voice but can rarely make out her actual words. When she’s greeting voters at a coffee shop or on a rope line after a rally, the former secretary of state often looks right through the reporters hovering around her, like they don’t exist. And when she does acknowledge their physical presence, she smiles through the questions barked at her and encourages reporters to sample a coffee, or a chocolate, instead.

Drowned Out By a Jet Engine, Aug. 31: Clinton’s plane landed in Cincinnati, from East Hampton, ahead of her speech to the American Legion. On the tarmac, Clinton was greeted by a group of county Democratic party chairs. But, “your pooler was not close enough to hear any conversations over the noise of the plane.”

They Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot, Aug. 30: Clinton hit up three big fundraisers in the Hamptons. While she raked in the cash, the pool didn’t have much to report on. “Pool was unable to hear a word of HRC’s remarks at first cocktail party. She also took questions, which pool was also prohibited from hearing.”

At an evening fundraiser hosted by Jimmy Buffett, Clinton was inside dancing with Paul McCartney, according to attendees. Pool reporters were stationed about 400 yards away from the house, “among the parked cars.”

Basement Blues, Aug. 29: While Clinton entertained donors who coughed up $33,400 a head to attend a Hamptons fundraiser at the home of Jay Snyder, there was “no chance of your pool hearing Clinton here. We are being held in a quaint, but lovely guest house, while Clinton is in the main house.” Earlier in the day, there was a brief window at a fundraiser when the pool could hear Clinton’s remarks. That was quickly remedied. “Staff shooed us into a hidden room farther in the basement out of earshot.”

Exclusive Interview with a Caretaker, Aug. 28: Clinton attended four fundraisers in the Hamptons. In Bridgehampton, pool “had a funny exchange with the man who described himself as the caretaker of the house where we waited. He asked when we were leaving to go into the fundraiser and see her. We told him no, we aren’t allowed to do that. He seemed incredulous.” Pool reported no sighting of Clinton the entire day.

Intel Briefing, Aug. 27: Clinton attended her intelligence briefing in White Plains, while the pool loitered in a parking lot outside. Pool was driven out to Sag Harbor while Clinton returned to her Chappaqua home, post briefing, and did not know her whereabouts for the rest of the day.

Chocolates > Questions, Aug. 25: Clinton popped into Hub Coffee Roasters after a rally in Reno. There, she ignored questions about Donald Trump lobbed at her from the reporters in the coffee shop. Instead, she encouraged them to sample Dorinda’s Chocolates. “It’s really good!” she said.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


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