EXPOSED: The REAL Reason Behind the Dems Recount is WORSE Than We Thought

The recount is not what it seems to be. Hillary and Jill know they have no evidence of hacking or voter fraud. So why raise $5MIL to fight it? Well, the real plan is worse than this alleged hacking. We can not let them get away with this. The fight is still on. Spread the word!

By Gina Cassini

There’s a theory floating out there that there was some sort of manipulation of the electronic voting machines in some areas that undercounted Hillary’s vote – or something.

All of this is bunk. Recounts occasionally turn out to be effective, but only when the difference is hundreds of votes, not tens of thousands.

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Even CNN admits there is NO chance of changing the result via the left-wing recount effort:

There is essentially zero chance that the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania will change Trump’s lead, which number in the thousands, not hundreds, in all three states. Trump is winning Wisconsin by a little more than 27,000 votes; his lead in Michigan sits at around 11,000; and his lead in Pennsylvania is insurmountable at over 68,000.

This has nothing to do with the integrity of the vote or even changing the results. It’s all about interfering with the Electoral College and trying to “delegitimize” Donald Trump.

As The Gateway Pundit pointed out, Stein’s demand for a recount – especially in Wisconsin – is going to risk their electoral college votes not being counted.

Stein is demanding a handcount of Wisconsin’s ballots, but they have a Dec. 13 deadline for their 10 electoral votes to count. That’s going to prove very tricky, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports, but they’re going to try.

Our friends at The American Thinker pick up from here:

Then this goes to Congress, where the House voting 1 vote per state elects Trump, and Senate selects Pence. This would be first time this happened since 1824, but in that case, John Quincy Adams won in the House, though he had fewer electoral college votes than Andrew Jackson.  

If this goes to the US House and Senate, and the result is the same as result from the Electoral College without the recounts, why do it?  The answer is to make Trump seem even more illegitimate, that he did not win the popular vote  (he lost by over 2.1 million), he did not win the Electoral College (did not reach 270), and was elected by being inserted into the presidency by members of his own party in Congress.


If a state never gets to name electors, the number needed to win goes down; a majority of those named is enough. Even with 260-232, Trump should win unless there wee lots of faithless electors. Now had the Democrats or Green Party also challenged Florida with 29 Electoral College votes, then it could have been 232-231 for Clinton. However, Florida’s vote total is final and certified (and maybe Electors already picked).

We should never underestimate the Democrats and their conniving plans. If they make it look like Trump’s win was illegitimate, this could continue a national divide. Riots and protests won’t stop; chaos would ensue. Let us hope they fail!


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