F-Bombs and What Not: When Two Hot Headed Cops Disagree (VIDEO)

Two Bergen County Police Officers were disciplined after their expletive-filled argument, during a traffic stop, was caught on video. At the 6:30 mark, things start to get heated.

The State Trooper drew his sidearm, leery of a possible criminal disguised as a plan-clothes officer.

A New Jersey State Trooper was cruising down the Turnpike when he rolled up on what, in his eyes, may or may not have been a routine traffic stop initiated by a plain-clothes officer.

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In prior weeks, two instances occurred on the same highway where armed suspects impersonated police officers and carjacked vehicles. The suspects dressed like plain-clothes officers, wearing a bulletproof vests and guns.

So the Trooper was leery when he saw the unannounced, plain-clothes police officer in an unmarked van in the same spot. Gun drawn, he walked towards the officer, later identified as Officer Robert Duboue, and demanded he identify himself.

Dubuoue complied, stating he was a Bergen County Officer, but a charged argument quickly ensued and the intended suspect quickly forgotten. The two law enforcement officers hashed out their differences on the side of the road, until eventually, the Trooper left.

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