Facebook Feud Turns Violent: Woman Shoots Pregnant Woman in Belly, Killing Her Baby Over Idiotic Facebook Feud

A pregnant Florida woman has lost her baby after she was shot in the stomach earlier this week, allegedly by a woman with whom she’d been feuding on Facebook.

Police were called the scene – in the 9100 block of Castle Boulevard in Jacksonville – about noon Wednesday after there was a report of an argument and a shooting.

Video after the shooting by neighbor Christopher Cash shows the victim slumped in a chair as neighbors rush to help her. It also shows the suspect, 35-year-old Virginia Wyche, being taken into custody.

The unidentified victim was taken to a local hospital and survived. Her unborn baby was pronounced dead 

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‘They were arguing out front, something about Facebook. I walked out and just heard a pop,’ Cash told WTEV.

Witnesses say the two women got into an argument on Facebook Tuesday night. On Wednesday, the victim went to Wyche’s house to confront her about the disagreement.

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