Facebook to be PROSECUTED for This VIDEO

The social media mega site Facebook is staring prosecution right in the face.

They’ve got a whole nation’s monarchy working against them.

So why is Facebook in legal qualms with a whole nation?

Well, someone published video footage of Thailand’s king in a somewhat embarrassing light.

The video shows King Maha Vajiralongkorn walking around in a mall with a woman in a yellow crop top, that displayed all of his tattoos.

Thai authorities have threatened to press charges against Facebook if it is still available at 10am tomorrow.

The video shows the monarch, who came to power last year following the death of his father, with a number of tattoos on his arms, stomach, and back.

Under strict lese-majeste laws in Thailand, people can be jailed for up to 15 years for sharing material which is insulting to the monarchy.

The video has been geo-blocked by the social network, but Thai authorities say 131 pages containing the ‘illicit’ video are still available.

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The secretary-general of Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission said:  ‘If even a single illicit page remains, we will immediately discuss what legal steps to take against Facebook Thailand.’

Last week Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg received an email from Thai Internet Service Provider Association calling for the posts to be blocked, the Bangkok Post reports.

Who knew a silly video like this would cause such grief for Facebook.

Especially after all the Facebook live videos that featured gang rapes, murders, and other horrendous crimes.



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