FACEBOOK’S NEW SECURITY ALERT: Will Freak You Out and Question Your Government

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 8.44.26 AMIs this to help innocent users or is this a tip-off for ISIS extremists on Facebook?

Imagine logging into Facebook to find a message telling you that your profile may have been targeted in a suspected state-sponsored attack. It’s now a possibility, after the social network announced that it’ll display a new notification if someone who is suspected of “working on behalf of a nation-state” has attempted to snoop on or take over your account.

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s NSA spying leaks, US companies have stepped forward to take more action on behalf of their users. Facebook’s Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos says the company continuously monitors accounts for any malicious activity, but has decided to roll out an additional warning because nation-state cyberattacks (by people working on behalf of a foreign government) “tend to be more advanced and dangerous than others.”

Facebook Attacks

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