Failing On Epic Proportions: New York SAFE Act Isn’t Working

Screenshot 2014-04-13 at 9.46.23 AMGuns are responsible for crime like cars are responsible for drunk driving. Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other politicians who focus on the tool used to harm others are falsely blaming the object, not the person using it.

We should step back and focus on the underlying causes of recent tragedies, including mental illness and New York’s revolving-door criminal justice system.

Not one provision of the Cuomo gun laws known as the SAFE Act would have prevented tragedies like those in West Webster, or Aurora, Colo., or the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut.

Like most laws which are poorly conceived, drafted in haste and voted upon by legislators who have not read them, the Cuomo gun laws are hopelessly ineffective and not enforceable.

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More than a year after the laws’ enactment, the State Police have been unable to develop the databases required for tracking ammunition sales, and have not issued clear guidance on key aspects of the law.

Further, they have not printed the most basic forms to be used by county clerks for record keeping.

Virtually every county Sheriff has derided the law’s slapdash approach, with some saying flatly they will not enforce the new rules.

Even the Obama Administration has refused to comply with the mental health reporting requirements of the law, a stunning rebuke in light of President Obama’s support for gun control.

For these reasons, law enforcement experts predict the compliance rate for the Cuomo gun laws’ firearms registration provisions will be less than 10 percent.

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