FAIR MINDED LIBERALS: Why You Don’t Hear About Them

shutterstock_166701908Constitutional attorney Jonathan Turley is one of Obama’s supporters. “I happen to agree with many of President Obama’s policies, but in our system, it’s often as important how you do something as what you do,” he recently stated on TV. Why did he say that? Because he is concerned with Obama’s comments of, “I have a pen and I have a phone.” As well he should be, because not only does it set precedence for the federal government, it appears that Obama’s statement was a “dog whistle” to other Democrat politicians as well.

Recently Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State decided that he would not sign any execution orders for people on death row. Now, to be fair, he is within his legal rights to do so. However, just as Obama did, he swore to uphold the laws. He did not swear to only uphold the laws he agrees with. But that’s what he is doing.

Washington has a lengthy process when a person is sentenced to death and even though that whole long process has been followed, His Majesty Inslee has decided that he knows best. Is that really how we want all our laws upheld? We’ll pretend that “we the people” have a say by how we vote, but one arrogant egotistical person gets in and instead of representing the people, represents himself? But we can see that Obama operates that way, and by his words and actions, he has now told other Democrat politicians to operate in the same manner. So here we go.

But what if the next governor or president turns out to be a Republican? Or a Libertarian? Or anyone who disagrees with the laws? How will Democrats feel when they play the same game?

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What if the next governor of Washington says, “I don’t like the gay marriage law and want more debate on it. In order to force the conversation I will instruct my agencies to slow down processing of marriage licenses until the conversation goes the way I want.” Or if he/she said, “I don’t like the marijuana law the people voted in so I’m simply not going to allow any state resources to be used to process business applications. Because the almighty ME wants more conversation.”

But there’s one more important thing politicians should be worried about – the precedent they are setting will trickle down until “we the people” decide that we can also just ignore any laws we don’t like as well. When we have a lawless government we will have a lawless people, and rightfully so. THEY are setting the example that WE will be following.

Turley is one of a small group of liberals who actually still has values and integrity, who believes our system was set up to keep power from being concentrated in one area of the government. They may disagree with more conservative folks and their policies, but they still believe in playing fair and not that the ends justifies the means. Because they know what it means for the future of our political system and way of life.

Yes, fair-minded liberals are out there, and they need to be the ones stepping forward to say, “Hold on, wait a minute, this isn’t how the game should be played. It’s not a win if you have to cheat to win.” Unfortunately they are also being just as bullied and overrun by the loudmouthed extreme liberals running our country as the conservatives are. But they are the ones who can ultimately call Democrats out on their unethical behavior and hold them accountable – so will they?


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