FAIRY TALES GET AN UPGRADE: What Happens to the Story When the Good Guys Have Guns

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Brilliant idea. Not surprisingly, though, this has all the anti-gun activists ticked off. Check it out!

Ever wonder how Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother would have fared against the big bad wolf if she was packing heat?

Wonder no more.

The NRA has rewritten classic children’s fairy tales to include guns in a series posted to the NRA’s family website.

The two stories – Little Red Riding Hood (Has A Gun) and Hansel and Gretel (Have Guns) – are re-imagined to include the main characters wielding shotguns and rifles to deter each story’s baddies.

‘The stories are really also for adults and it’s all about safety and it’s for parents to start those conversations,’ Hamilton told CBS News.

Anti-gun activists are outraged by the NRA’s children’s tales and believe it’s a ploy to create more life-long gun buyers.

‘This to them, it is about selling guns ultimately and if they can reach out to young children and develop customers for the future, they’re content to do that,’ Ladd Everitt of The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, told CBS News.


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