FAKE NEWS ALERT: Time Messes Up BIG TIME With This One Tweet — And It’s Still Up!

Wow, someone needs to tell Time they have their facts WAY off! Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad was detained last December (remember that, the date is important) at an airport for two hours. Time did an interview with her recently and the topic of Trump’s travel ban came up. When they tweeted out the article, the caption they put to advertise it was 100 percent false! Check it out.


Um…Time, who was president in December? According to a very sophisticated and scientific Google search of “trump inauguration,” you will see that Trump did not take office until January 20th. So that means Obama was still president when Ibtihaj Muhammad was detained. Therefor, she could not have been detained because of Trump’s travel ban…

Seriously, how basic can we make this?

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People on Twitter didn’t let this one go either. They pointed out the flaw.


Even Ibtihaj Muhammad said that the incident happened in December.

Come on Time, get your sh*t together!


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