The Down Fall of the British Establishment: Pedophilia Scandal Runs Deep in Westminster

Screenshot 2014-07-09 at 9.21.28 AMEditor’s Note: All too often, politicians everywhere in the world are able to get away with horrible crimes. The perpetrators, and anyone who would willingly assist or help cover up these activities, should be prosecuted and punished.

The worst thing, no, the second worst thing about the paedophile and sex abuse scandal that is currently engulfing Westminster is that it isn’t news to most people who have worked in and around Parliament for even a few years.

Most people not only know that it has been going on for decades in Britain, and continues to go on across the upper echelons of public life, but also many of the names regularly rumoured to be involved.

Rumours are plentiful in politics, but these rumours have been so widespread, so detailed and so consistent they have even made national breakfast television.

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They may not merit prosecution at this point, but they certainly merit investigation by a body that the public are satisfied are not corrupted by the vast web that still lays over the British Establishment.

In 2012, I wrote that the trend that relates to MP’s expenses and phone hacking also relates to the paedophile scandal, and that the government should take action on the rumours of paedophile rings before the inevitable scandal, not after.

I learned about the nature of expenses, journalists paying Police Officers for stories and Westminster Paedophile rings more than ten years ago, as a teenager. Each one has since come out to the same reactions of faux shock and outrage by the establishment, followed by promises to reform after the fact, whilst sweeping as much as possible under the carpet.

It is nigh impossible that any of these scandals can have come as a shock to senior politicians and yet be common knowledge among junior staff. I am concerned that the organisation I run, the Bow Group, may be implicated to some degree in this scandal, but that is no reason to deny its existence, or to attempt to cover it up.

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