FAMILY OF CRIMINALS: Millionaire Parents of ‘Affluenza’ Boy Have a Record of Criminal Behavior, 20 Arrests and Citations

affluenza boyThe parents of the drunk driving teen controversially spared jail after killing four people have more than 20 criminal and traffic offense claims on their records – but have never served any time in prison, MailOnline can reveal today.

Ethan Couch, 16, was only sentenced to ten years’ probation following June’s horrific car wreck after his defense attorney argued he suffered from a condition called ‘affluenza’ which means he is so spoiled by his mother and father he is not fully responsible for his actions.

Now MailOnline can reveal his parents, millionaire sheet metal manufacturer Fred Couch and ex-wife Tonya have had many brushes with the law themselves.

They have several driving citations on their records and Mr Couch has been arrested for alleged crimes including theft, evading arrest and an alleged assault against Mrs Couch, according to official court documents obtained at the Johnson County Court records office in Cleburne.

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But aside from a number of small fines for their motoring offenses and a six-month community supervision order issued to Mrs Couch, neither of them have been punished further.

In fact all of the more serious cases against Mr Couch, going back as far as 1989, have been dismissed.

Charges were dropped in the two theft cases, because Mr Couch paid substantial restitution.

That my be particularly relevant to his son’s case. Gerry Miller, a psychologist testifying on behalf of the defense in Ethan Couch’s trial, told the court: ‘The teen never learned to say that you’re sorry if you hurt someone. If you hurt someone, you sent him money.’

Today, a source at the Johnson County court records office in Cleburne, said Mr Couch ‘must have a very good attorney’.

According to official documentation, Mr Couch, 48, has a blizzard of 22 accusations on his record, made up of four criminal misdemeanor allegations and 18 traffic violations.
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