FAT CHANCE: Ex-Cop Who Killed Father for Texting in Theater Denied ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

stand your ground

The Sheriff leading the investigation into the cinema shooting which happened after a row over texting has told MailOnline there is no chance of a Stand Your Ground defence, saying, ‘It was an empty movie theatre. If he was scared why didn’t he move seats?’.

Sheriff Chris Nocco has completely dismissed shooter Curtis Reeves’ claims that he gunned down Chad Oulson because he feared for his safety and said there is no way he can use Florida’s controversial self-defence law.

He is convinced the retired cop, 71, simply lost his temper after married father-of-one Oulson refused to stop texting and then threw a bag of popcorn at his killer’s face.

Reeves’ attorney Richard Escobar suggested on Wednesday that his client was not hit with popcorn and was actually attacked with another more dangerous ‘dark object’.

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However Sheriff Nocco has completely dismissed that idea, saying nothing else was thrown and that Monday’s shooting is an open and shut case.

Speaking to MailOnline the Pasco County Sheriff said: ‘Stand Your Ground is a hot topic in Florida. Even if you have a clear Stand Your Ground case then you still have to work incredibly hard to prove that is valid.

‘So from our perspective, if we think it is going to be used as a defense we have to prove why it’s not relevant. We immediately brought in our states attorney’s office to work with us after Monday’s shooting.

‘I remember very clearly that we stood outside the movie theatre, got all the detectives over and said, “what do we think we’ve got here? Is this a Stand Your Ground case?” Everyone said, no way, this is not Stand Your Ground.

‘One of the key elements is that the theater was not packed so there was ample opportunity for anybody to move their seat if they wanted to.

‘From our investigation it seems simply that the agitation of someone using their cell phone to text has caused this. All the evidence and witness statements we have point that way.


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