The family of a Ventura County high school senior threatened a lawsuit Wednesday after their son was suspended for confronting a football player who allegedly sexually harassed his then 14-year-old sister for the third time.

Dominic Conti, 17, was suspended from Westlake High School for five days following an incident at a football game on October 11, 2013.

Conti, until his suspension, was also the WHS senior class president, an elected position that he was subsequently removed from. He was also banned from all extracurricular activities.

Conti family attorney Manny Medrano said the punishment sends the wrong message.

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“If your child, boy or girl, at this school, or frankly any school in the district, is the victim of sexual harassment, we’re not going to do anything, you’re on your own,” he said at a news conference Wednesday.

“They way they treated me was someone that has brought, like, a firearm to school,” Conti said.

At the news conference on Wednesday, Conti insisted he was just protecting his sister.

“I can assure you that the way I acted, it was in self defense,” he said.

The Conti family claims the school’s alleged protection of their top-ranked football program is “more important that preventing sexual harassment.”

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