FATHER KILLS 2YR-OLD DAUGHTER: But the Reason Why Will Have You SEETHING With Rage

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.15.57 PMLadies, gents… if you were married to someone who did this to your child, what would you do?

A Texas man bit and smothered his two-year-old daughter in a ‘fit of rage’ after she interrupted his video-game playing, police say.

Anthony Michael Sanders, 31, of Watauga, is alleged to have killed Ellie Sanders on December 12 while her mom was out of the house at an art show.

When mother Cassie Wright returned home at 8:30pm she was told Ellie was asleep; it was only 30 minutes later, when Ellie’s five-year-old brother found out that his sister wasn’t waking, that emergency services were called.

‘He tried to wake her up and she wouldn’t wake up. He went in there and told [his parents] that she was sleeping and wouldn’t wake up,’ Sgt. Jason Babcock, a police spokesman. told the Star-Telegram.

Thinking her daughter was just sleeping, the mother told him to let her rest – but Sanders went to check on her, and began shouting to call 911.


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