Father Saves 9yr-Old Son from LEOPARD ATTACK By Doing This!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.49.58 AMThat is one very lucky boy. The fact that the leopard was so close to civilization and hunting humans, might suggest the population numbers of these cats are a lot healthier than the greenies want us to believe.

“It’s a miracle that my son is alive and that I was within three to four metres from him when the leopard attacked. I was able to react fast and I believe this is what saved his life,” said Mr Justin Denny, a financial consultant from Johannesburg.

His youngest son, Kellan (6), was snatched by a leopard on Tuesday April 26, from a low wall that surrounds the boma area at his holiday home on Ntsiri Private Nature Reserve in the Umbabat, in the Timbavati-Klaserie conservation area near Hoedspruit.

Kellan and his brother Kai (8), were playing a running game up and down the wall.

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The incident happened about four metres from the house.

The leopard pounced, knocked Kellan to the ground, pinned him, bit into his shoulder and then picked him up in his jaws and headed in the same direction from which it had attacked, dragging him through a mopani thicket.

“We were outside for 30 minutes and I would assume it slowly stalked, getting closer and closer and when Kellan went and stood on the wall to do another lap, the leopard pounced.

“Fortunately I was about three metres away and could give chase. With lots of shouting and screaming I followed the leopard for about 30 metres into the bush.  “By the grace of God the leopard dropped my son. It was a total miracle,” said Justin.

Justin picked Kellan up and carried him back to the house. He had what Justin called, “typical leopard wounds”. Kellan sustained four main bites, two directly behind his neck, one on his left shoulder and the other on his left arm pit.

He was taken to a medical facility in Hoedspruit where he received stitches.


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