FBI Report: Gun Control Would Have Done Nothing to Change Outcome of Alexandria Shooting

After the shooting in Alecandia, VA when a far-left, Bernie supporter shot House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others, the left was crying told-you-so. They thought that now the Republicans would understand that gun control is necessary and that future shooting can be prevented because of the legislation.

But they were wrong.

The FBI’s report on the shooting is the complete opposite of what Dems want to hear. It proves that further gun control wouldn’t have done a thing to stop the shooting.

Charles Cooke points out in National Review that according to the FBI’s report, the shooter, James Hodgkinson, purchased a SKS 7.62mm caliber rifle and 9mm pistol in Illinois, a state that has the harsh gun laws that the Left calls for. Not only was each gun purchased after obtaining a background check, Hodgkinson had to obtain a license to even own a gun, which is mandatory for all gun owners in the state.

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Hodgkinson was able to obtain these guns despite his previously facing charges of domestic abuse because, as Cooke pointed out, Hodgkinson was never convicted on those charges. Without a conviction, Illinois had to treat him as someone who was “innocent under the law.”

Additionally, neither gun has ever been designated as an assault weapon, so Hodgkinson would have still been able to legally purchase those weapons even if the assault weapons ban that was signed into law under President Clinton was still intact.

The Daily Wire

As for the baseball field, Cooke noted that open carry is prohibited where the shooting took place. Therefore, Virginia’s open-carry laws could not be blamed for the shooting.

Everything short of a gun ban wouldn’t have stopped Hodgkinson. He was going to obtain his weapons. He was going to shoot the Republicans.

And even if there was a gun ban, Hodgkinson still had a pretty good chance of pulling off his attack since gun bans have proven to be failures.

If anything, the shooting proved less gun control is the solution; Hodgkinson was stopped by someone returning the fire.

Sorry, Dems. Gun control (again) is not the answer.


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