‘F*CK THE TREE’: Anarchists Storm NYC, Try to Disrupt Christmas Tree Lighting

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Things are getting heated this winter.

Protesters chanting, “No justice, no tree!” tried to storm Rockefeller Center Wednesday to disrupt the annual lighting ceremony following a grand jury’s decision to not indict an NYPD cop in the death of Eric Garner.

“F–k the tree!” the mob bellowed as cops held them at bay along Sixth Avenue near Radio City Music Hall.

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Hundreds of frustrated anarchists then trekked to the West Side Highway, where they vaulted barricades and clashed with cops in riot gear.

Rush-hour traffic ground to a halt for roughly an hour from West 79th to 45th streets before cops forced the rabble off the roadway, making a bunch of arrests.

Police also used orange netting to pen hundreds of demonstrators at 113th Street and Amsterdam Avenue and tangled with others who blocked the Lincoln Tunnel.

At about midnight, 1,000 protesters marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, with cops allowing them to move in the roadway but busting a half-dozen who sat down and would not move.

In all, at least 83 arrests were made, police sources said.

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