fearDespite what rabid pittbull AG-elect Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania might have you believe, there is no threat from the “Florida loop hole” that Bloomberg generated as a straw man.

For those of you who may not be aware, citizens of states in which they are arbitrarily rejected for a carry permit (without good cause) have a back up option in applying for a Florida carry permit.  This is of great help to those who live in may-issue states or cities that make it difficult to get a permit (such as Philadelphia) in which the issuing officer may be a gun control zealot.

Plus, the Florida permit is recognized in 33 states.

The gun control zealots and foaming attack dogs like Kathleen Kane would have you believe that serial killers are being denied gun permits in their home states and then are flocking to Florida in order to get a permit in which they have to qualify with their weapon by shooting baby otters while high on cocaine.

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The fact of the matter is that Florida still runs background checks and probably does it more thoroughly than other states.  ESPECIALLY may issue states.  Florida wants to be thorough because they cannot stop a law abiding citizen from getting a CCW so they want to make sure that said person is law abiding.

This is what qualifies a person for a Florida CCW:

Who Is Eligible To Be Licensed?

A person who meets the following minimum
eligibility requirements can obtain a license…



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