Fed. Judge REJECTS Two Colorado Electors Request to Undermine the Electoral Process & Vote Against Trump

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-6-53-25-pmFor any electors who thought they could go against what the people of their state wanted, think again. We have to say this is awesome. Trump will be our next president. There is no way around this.

By Jessie Hellmann

A federal judge in Colorado denied on Monday a motion from two electors who want to avoid voting for the presidential candidate who won the state’s popular vote in an effort to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

According to ABC 7 Denver, Judge Wiley Daniel said granting the injunction to allow electors to vote out of sync with the popular vote would “undermine” the electoral process.

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He advised the plaintiffs to try to change state law if they were unhappy with how the election shook out.

Though Daniel rejected the request for a preliminary injunction, the lawsuit — which challenges a state law requiring electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote — is still pending in federal court.

Hillary Clinton won Colorado’s Electoral College votes on Nov. 8. But depending on the result of the lawsuit, similar laws in 28 other states — including several in which Trump won the popular vote — could be in jeopardy.


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