Female CNN Journalists Demand Trump’s Ex-Campaign Manager be FIRED From New Job–Here’s Why

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 5.55.19 PMA sound feminist revolt, or are b*tches just being crazy? Give us your thoughts below.

Corey Lewandowski’s swift appointment as CNN’s pro-Trump commentator – the same day he was fired from the billionaire businessman’s campaign – has already caused an ‘internal revolt’.

The paid position has made Lewandowski, whose time as Trump’s campaign manager has been dogged by controversy, an exclusive commentator for the channel, and is effective immediately.

But the surprise hire by the channel’s Worldwide director Jeff Zucker is causing ramifications – especially among female CNN staff – according to a Page Six source.

A ‘TV Insider’ told the site that female reporters and producers in particular are ‘organizing and considering publicly demanding that Lewandowski be let go’.

Lewandowski is not any stranger to blame and accusations – including some from his new colleagues at CNN.

In May, he was accused of pushing CNN’s Noah Gray away from Trump at a press conference, and in November he reportedly told Gray to ‘get back in the pen or he’s f****** blacklisted.’

And in March, Buzzfeed alleged that Lewandowski had made sexually suggestive phone calls to female reporters in which he sounded drunk, although he denied the claims.

And CNN staff are not the only women who don’t want the former political aid around.

Following the severing, reports swirled that it was Trump’s adult children who forced the issue, including Ivanka – who feared that Lewandowski was trying to marginalize her husband Jared Kushner’s role as a trusted campaign adviser on Israel and Middle East issues.

Multiple sources said Trump’s children and Kushner felt Lewandowski was hampering their efforts to make Trump’s campaign more positive. There were even rumors that Lewandowski was planting negative stories about Kushner to hurt his influence with the Donald.

Trump Jr admitted that the children had talked to their father about Lewandowski’s removal from the campaign, but said the decision was made by the Donald and no one else.


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