FERGUSON ALL OVER AGAIN? Mayhem in Baltimore Erupts During Freddie Gray Protests [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.30.07 AMThis is how not to “seek justice”.

Hours after Baltimore police promised “deep, systemic changes in the culture” of their department to protesters upset over the death of Freddie Gray, waves of violence and looting shook the city.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said that demonstrations and marches were peaceful until about 7pm, when protesters became “agitated” and clashed with police around Camden Yards baseball stadium. Fans inside the stadium were told to stay inside.

Hundreds of Baltimore and Maryland State Police in riot gear tried to calm the crowd, but police said that a small group of protesters left the Camden Yards area and went on a violent spree through the streets, smashing windows and looting a local convenience store.

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Videos taken at the scene show some protesters jumping on top of police cars and smashing windows, throwing things through store windows, and leaving shelves of items overturned in shops. Footage also captured a large group of police clad in riot gear sprinting down the street toward protesters.



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