FIGHT OR FLIGHT: Mother fights off shotgun raider to protect daughter

A mother fought off a would-be robber wielding a sawn-off shotgun after her ‘instincts’ kicked in because her daughter was in the shop at the same time.

Ranvir Bassi was alone in family-run Bassi and Son convenience store in Stafford with seven-year-old Satpreet when the armed raider burst in demanding she give him money.

But the 35-year-old, who was just about to shut up shop to visit her sick eight-year-old son Gurdip in hospital, can be seen on CCTV footage confronting the man, pushing the shotgun away and forcing him out of the shop.

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‘He was screaming and pointing the gun, so I just pushed him out of the way and started shouting and swearing back at him,’ Mrs Bassi said of the incident, which took place on Rickerscote Road at 8.20pm on Monday.

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