Fight For Your Knife Rights: NYC Pays $7500 Fine For Falsely Arresting Man Carrying A Legal Knife

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The City of New York has agreed to pay $7,500 to a falsely arrested knife owner in a Knife Rights supported case.

The embarrassing settlement shows that the city would rather pay than try to justify its illegal conduct after police declared his knife an illegal “gravity knife” even though the blade did not lock open.

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The knife owner (a sculptor who uses a knife for his work) was arrested, handcuffed, booked, and placed in a holding cell like a common criminal.

“New York City’s outrageous persecution of those with common pocket knives must end. This is just one of thousands of similar outrageous excesses by the City and DA. Knife Rights will continue to fight these unconstitutional abuses by the City until we win” said Doug Ritter, Chairman of Knife Rights.

The settlement results from the City’s particularly egregious mistreatment of law-abiding knife owner Jonathan W. (name withheld at his request).

Jonathan was carrying a Spyderco UK Pen Knife ( )  with a non-locking blade in New York City when he was arrested for possession of an illegal “gravity knife.

After considerable effort the charges in the case were dismissed and Knife Rights then referred Jonathan to attorney Richard Holzberg of Ernest Holzberg and Associates.

Holszberg recently obtained a settlement of $7,500.00 for Jonathan’s wrongful arrest, incarceration and malicious prosecution for carrying a pocket knife that was New York City legal, even considering the City’s continued unconstitutional application of state law against owners of common folding knives.

While Jonathan was smoking a hand-rolled cigarette on a sidewalk in Manhattan, he was approached by a police officer who asked what he was smoking.

While informing the officer that his cigarette was merely tobacco, the officer noticed a knife clipped into his front pants pocket.

The officer demanded to see the knife and, without concern, Jonathan handed it to the officer, explaining that it was a legal pocket knife that complied with all New York City regulations and its unique interpretation of state law (under 4-inch blade and doesn’t lock open).

He knew this because he had researched the New York knife laws prior to buying the Spyderco UK Pen Knife (a non-locking slip-joint folder).

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