FINALLY: Ferguson Grand Jury has Reached a Decision

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.20.24 AMBig part of American history is about to happen.

Authorities in St. Louis County, Mo. continued preparations ahead of an expected grand jury decision on whether to charge a white police officer for the fatal August 9 shooting of a black teen in Ferguson.

Barricades have been placed around the St. Louis County Justice Center in Clayton, where the grand jury has been meeting and parking restrictions that were put into effect over the weekend are expected to remain in place Monday.

Some expected a decision to be announced this past weekend, but it did not come to pass. The grand jury was expected to reconvene Monday, but there has been no official confirmation that will be the case. The 12-person grand jury sets its own schedule depending upon when the members are available.

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The lack of a decision and a scarcity of official communication about the case has left nerves frayed and many anticipating unrest no matter what the outcome.

Protesting on Sunday night, Reggie Cunningham said he doubted police officer Darren Wilson will be indicted and it seemed authorities were delaying an announcement “to spin this in the most positive way possible.”

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