Five THUGS Open Fire on D.C. Police, But The Cops Got The Better Of Them

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 9.43.36 AMIt is unclear if this was a targeted attack on the police or not, but with everything that has been going on in this nation it’s hard not to suspect it. Luckily our men in blue were the victors. Check it.

Five people have been arrested after they opened fire on cops in Washington DC overnight, police have said.

Three men and two women were taken into custody in the early hours of Tuesday morning after exchanging gunfire with the officers.

The cops were responding to reports of gunfire picked up on an electronic shot spotter detection system at around midnight when the attack took place.

When they arrived in a marked car, the cops found the suspects sitting inside an SUV before they began firing, a spokesman for the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department told

The officers returned fire and demanded that the suspects get out of their vehicle, but they refused. It is unclear how many of the occupants fired at the officers.

After negotiating for around half an hour, the suspects agreed to get out and were arrested.

Police say the suspects may have been involved in a crime that happened just prior to the incident, though it is unclear why they started firing.


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