FLOCKING TO ISIS: Why are Western Women Going?

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To even imagine this is possible is beyond any logical thinking. Here is a brief explanation on these ladies thought process to join the Islamic State.

An alarming number of young Western women are defying their families — and all logic — to join the ISIS barbarians.

As many as 550 of the estimated 3,000 Westerners who have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic terrorists are female, according to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London think tank.

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It’s the sick siren song of the caliphate that appears to have taken hold of three British schoolgirls, who lied to their East London families last week and casually slipped out of the country on a flight bound for Turkey, believed to be a stopover for those heading to Syria, and ISIS.

The terrified families of Shamima Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and another 15-year-old friend, students at Bethnal Green Academy who are all believed to be Muslims, made an impassioned plea to their wayward daughters on Saturday.

“Mum needs you home,” begged Begum’s older sister, Aklima. “You belong at home with us. Syria is a dangerous place and we don’t want you to go there . . . We understand that you have strong feelings and want to help those you believe are suffering in Syria. You can help from home . . . Please don’t cross the border.”

But why would “straight-A” students from London seek out ISIS, whose brutal MO includes savage beheadings and burning their captives alive?

Some are coerced — but not all, says law professor Jayne Huckerby, head of Duke University’s International Human Rights Clinic.

“Why do they go? In many cases it’s the same reason as men,” Huckerby told The Post.

Some are alienated by harassment or discrimination against Muslims at home, and want to join what they see as a pro-Muslim movement. Some, according to the ISD, enjoy the shocking violence.

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