Florida Atheists Planning Courthouse Monument to Atheism

bradfordA Florida atheist group is planning to unveil a 1500-pound granite bench at the Bradford County courthouse praising atheism.  This action comes in response to the large sculpture of the Ten Commandments that was placed at the courthouse last year.  Community Men’s Fellowship donated that monument and atheist groups instantly went on the attack, saying it made them feel like second-class citizens.  The group won the right to erect their own monument in a settlement.

The bench is to be engraved with atheist quotations, but perhaps they will take a few creative suggestions before it’s finished:


  1. Since they plan to use quotations, perhaps they could pick whiny ones like, “Somebody, please notice us!” or “t burns, Precious!”
  2. Perhaps another monument could be a blood-sucking vampire, sucking the hope out of society–not hard to imagine.
  3. How about one that portrays man evolving from goo and then protesting the fact that they have to use muscles in their necks to turn away from statues.
  4. Or perhaps it could be a Richard Dawkins tribute­–with scenes from his theory of aliens coming down to lay eggs on earth and humans springing forth.  Personally this one is my favorite.


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While I don’t mean to offend any atheists, it really seems the problem here is a lack of pride in their western heritage.  Christianity is an overwhelming part of that heritage.  Why must it be invisible or destroyed?  Last December, one nursing home had its Christmas tree threatened after people complained.  It just seems odd that humans feel misery at the joy of others.

Our Founding Fathers all eventually admitted that a lost of Christian values and morality would destroy this country.  On the moral virtues alone, one could make an argument for the Bradford County Ten Commandment tablets.  If atheists are able to agree with the principles, then why should it have to be banished?  Society has come to respect certain codes of conduct.  “Thou shalt not murder” is one of them.

The nation is already playing around with atheist principles.  Lois Lerner and her IRS g-men are adapting Darwinian tactics to squash their enemies.  Eric Holder and his off the record meeting is an attempt at his survival and the survival of his boss, President Obama.  Rather than embodying higher principles, they will do anything to make their political careers survive.  I think we have had enough atheist principles in government.

Ironically, you never see these same atheists attacking any other religion.  Attacking Christianity these days is more like a “trendy” thing to do and if atheist hipsters don’t have anything to fuss about, they are afraid they might cease to matter.

I do have some atheist conservative friends who understand Christianity’s place in our heritage and the development of our cultural values.  They do not feel threatened when exposed to Christian beliefs and ideas.  So what’s wrong with the rest of them?

All of that aside, it’s just not a good look.  What did Bradford County atheists gain aside from a monument to their own intolerance and whining?


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