FLORIDA GUN CONTROL PROBLEMS: Gun Ordinance Killed – Anti-Gun Chairman Elected

bildeThe Leon County Commission voted 6-1 to end discussion of an ordinance that would restrict gun sales in public places such as gun shows.

Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley asked the panel Tuesday to remove her request for discussion of the ordinance, saying it was not feasible.

“Without the subsequent means to adequately enforce any such ordinance, we would have a paper tiger,” Lindley said. “There is simply no way to do this that would be fair to all parties — and in this community, we heard largely from people against further discussion, and rarely from people in support of this home-rule option.”

Commissioner Bill Proctor was the only vote in dissent.

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Last month, Lindley used a report prepared by the Leon County Attorney’s Office to discuss with the commission what was called a gun-show loophole law. The report stated the Florida constitution allowed the commission to pass an ordinance that would require a private gun seller to run buyers through the same background check and three- to five-day waiting period as licensed dealers.

The commissioners voted unanimously to continue discussion of the issue in January, but they were inundated with opposition emails in the following days. Most were sent at the call of former National Rifle Association President Marion Hammer.

Commissioner John Dailey said he received a thousand emails.

“We’re still tabulating where they came from but it’s safe to say a lot of them were from out of the area,” Dailey said. “It was hard to tell how many, but I’d say a good bit.”

Lindley said the lack of support from the local community was discouraging.

“Among the considerable information and opinions we all have received — by the boatload in the past three weeks — were two pragmatic and, for me, defining reasons against moving forward with this topic,” Lindley said.

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