FOILED ISIS CHEMICAL WEAPONS PLOT? Syrian Terror Suspects Arrested for ‘Making and Transporting Explosives and Toxic Gases’

ISISGood thing these thugs were caught!

Two people of Syrian origin have been arrested in Geneva on suspicion of transporting ‘explosives and toxic gases’ as part of a probe into a terror threat.

The two suspects are accused of the ‘manufacture, concealment and transport of explosives and toxic gases’, the federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

They are also under suspicion of violating Swiss law prohibiting ‘groups like Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and similar organisations’, it added.

Both men were arrested yesterday on the road outside Cologny, a municipality in the canton of Geneva yesterday with police confirming they found traces of explosives inside the car.

The western city has remained on high alert due to an increased jihadist threat in Switzerland, with added security personnel making careful chats on vehicles.

Geneva’s public prosecutor has announced a news conference for later today with no confirmation yet of the chemicals found in the car.

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