Food Labeling: Government Control vs. Personal Responsibility

nutrition factsLast week the initiative to make GMO labeling of foods mandatory in Washington State went down in defeat. I know a lot of people are upset about it, they “can’t believe how stupid Washingtonians are.” I don’t know why most people voted the way they did, whether they believed it was a useless law or whether they believe the anti-labeling big money. I’m just here to explain my “no” vote.

I struggled with this initiative for a while. I read the voters pamphlet, watched the commercials and tried to figure out what the real “truth” was. I wanted to vote “yes” because I detest Monsanto. I don’t believe a corporation should be able to have such control over our food supply. No, I’m not a closet occupier, I don’t blame “corporations” for everything, I just dislike Monsanto’s practices. So I would have loved to stick it to them.

But – my value system of personal responsibility took precedence. Earlier this year I was tired of feeling sick and tired. I went to a “regular” doctor who just kept wanting to make me go on some kind of drug or other, including a statin because my cholesterol was high. But I don’t like taking meds that give a person worse side effects than what they are treating.

The doctor was condescending and rude. So I looked around and found a naturopath. After a few visits and keeping a food diary, she told me that grains are my enemy. I can’t process them so they hurt my stomach and even the whole grains spike my blood sugar high then dump it low leaving me tired.

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So I changed my diet. I started eating low carb, high protein, even lots of good fat. Within six months I lost 22 pounds and my cholesterol plummeted from 257 to 193. I did that without taking statins and without eating the zillion servings of grain every day that the USDA tells us to eat and without even exercising.

Basically, I did everything the opposite of what we have been told we need to do by our government for the past 30 years or so. You know, those 30 years that obesity has been increasing even though they’re telling us to pack on the grains?

So my new eating lifestyle now consists of grass-fed beef, eggs from local farms, fresh vegetables and fruits. I don’t have to worry about whether something is labeled or not, because I take the responsibility for making sure my food is as natural as possible. By avoiding wheat, corn, rice, and soy products I avoid most of the food that is GMO. Is it more expensive? Yes, a bit, but feeling so much healthier is worth the price.

So as I thought about my individual choices and responsibility I decided to vote against the GMO labeling initiative. It would have added another layer of government bureaucracy and oversight and my personal belief is that an individual should be responsible for their OWN oversight and not expect the government to do absolutely every little thing for us.

I realize that it’s not everybody’s strong suit to research information. But we all have to at least try or our only option is giving up all of our freedoms in order for the government to take care of us.

Which brings me now to the new push of going after trans-fats. Do I believe they are bad for you? Absolutely. Do I think people shouldn’t eat them? Absolutely. Do I think the government should control whether we eat them? Absolutely NOT. Again, it’s abdicating personal responsibility for government control. But it is also the slippery slope to which of our foods get controlled next.

The USDA thinks butter is bad for us. Was it bad for me? Nope. Could it be bad for other people? Maybe – everyone is different and no one eating plan can be expected to work for everyone. Should I be banned from eating peanuts because someone else is allergic to them? Should someone who is allergic to peanuts be required to eat them because I don’t have a problem with them? Of course not.

But what do I do if they decide butter should be banned next because it is a saturated fat? Think it can’t happen? It was already suggested in England and butter has been banned from school lunches in Sweden.

It won’t matter if it’s good for MY metabolism, I’ll be required to fit into the appropriate mold or be penalized. Because, you know, we’re all just stupid and need the government to run every part of our lives. Don’t worry about how their “scientific studies” says eggs are bad for us one day, good for us the next, coffee is bad for us one day, good the next. Trust them, they know what they’re talking about -this time…

So bottom line, I won’t be voting for ANY legislation that gives the government ANY control over what I choose to eat. And you shouldn’t either or the next thing you know, it will be the food that works best for YOU that they go after.


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