FORGET BAKED GOODS: This Christian School is Raising Funds #2A Style! [VIDEO]

Bake sales, car washes, magazine sales and wrapping paper have become the norm for schools to raise money. Central Fellowship Christian Academy, located in Georgia, had a different idea, though. They are raffling off 30 guns in 30 days in November! Now that’s what we call a fundraiser!

“You’d have to wash a lot of cars or bake a lot of cookies to sell a lot of doughnuts to make that kind of money,” Athletic Director Josh McClendon said.

McClendon says the raffle, which raised over $20,000 for the athletic department last year, is successful because people in the school’s district and surrounding area respect guns and the Second Amendment.

“People hunt, they fish, they like to use guns for recreation, and of course for self-defense,” said McClendon.

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“It’s their responsibility to go to Chuck’s and pass a background check and they have to go through the legal steps to be able to get that gun,” McClendon said. “The transaction is done at Chuck’s, we don’t have anything to do with the transaction.”


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