FORGET RAPE & MURDER: Refugees Do WORSE Act of Crime to Danish Woman [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.44.42 AMImagine waiting for a taxi then this happens to you. Ladies, learn how to fight. Don’t let some refugee ruin your life.

A newly discovered video of refugee-committed violence from last summer shows a young Danish woman being attacked by migrants with a bottle as she waited for a taxi.

According to a video from DiarioSur, a regional newspaper in Malaga, Spain, the refugee attack occurred in the Spanish city of Marbella, a city of 140,000 people just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco.

According to the YouTube video description, 15-year-old Danish teen Nicole Zanlith was waiting for a taxi with a friend outside the Olivia Valere discotheque at 7 a.m. She had been there to see French DJ Bob Sinclair.

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Apparently, she stepped in to defend her friend from six migrants who had confronted her. That’s when they hit her across the face with a 3-liter vodka bottle. (So much for the “religion of peace” and its prohibition against drinking.)


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