FORGIVENESS, IT’S MORE THAN SAYING SORRY: Pastor Forgives Burglar who Stabbed him 37 Times

article-2524483-1A22E75300000578-692_634x488A pastor has forgiven a man accused of stabbing him 37 times and leaving him for dead after coming face to face with his alleged attacker in an emotion-charged court room.

Kevin Ramsby was savagely attacked by a burglar who broke into his home in Highland Park, Michigan.

Doctors thought he stood no chance of surviving his horrific wounds and called his wife to rush to the hospital before it was too late.

But, miraculously, the pastor survived and on Tuesday looked his alleged attacker Wesley McLemore in the eye during a preliminary court hearing.

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Showing no bitterness, the man of God told ABC Action News: ‘I’ve been forgiven much in my life. So for me it’s not too hard to forgive others when you’ve been forgiven yourself.’

McLemore, 41, was arrested in Alabama, four months after the attack and has now been extradited back to Michigan to face trial.

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