FORGOTTEN: Special Needs Student Found Dead on School Bus
What a heartbreaking time for the parents. Can’t imagine.

A special needs student who attended the Whittier, CA Sierra Educational Center’s Transition Program was found dead in a school bus parked at the adjacent bus depot. The 19-year-old was found when his mother reported him missing after he didn’t come home on time.

The teen was found slumped in the aisle and in “full arrest.” Bus drivers who found him and officers at the scene did try CPR but it was too late. The boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Temperatures in the Los Angeles area on Friday were well into the 90s. The boy had apparently been on the bus all day in the heat. While it is possible that he had died because of the heat, the police have labeled his death as “suspicious.”

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A school district official made this official statement:

“We are still gathering information about what happened. The district is calling for a speedy and thorough investigation to determine how something like this could happen. Our hearts are with our student’s parents and family — we’re all grieving. We’re making ourselves, our counseling services and our staff available to his family and to our students and staff who were close to him.”

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