Former CIA Director James Woolsey Leaves Trump’s Transition Team, ‘Effective Immediately’

At first this seems like a surprise. Then we look between the lines and we should have seen this coming. Check out the details below.

“Effective immediately, Ambassador Woolsey is no longer a Senior Adviser to President-elect Trump or the transition,” Woolsey’s spokesman, Jonathan Franks, wrote in a statement that was first reported by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond. “He wishes the President-elect and his Administration great success in their time in office.”

Woolsey abruptly resigned from his position on Thursday, one day before Trump was set to receive a conclusive briefing from intelligence officials on Russia’s role in the election-related hacks.

The Washington Post’sPhilip Rucker reported that Woolsey became uncomfortable after being cut out of intelligence talks with Trump and his national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

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Woolsey came under scrutiny last week after implying to CNN’s Jim Sciutto that Trump could be “playing us” with regard to what he knows about Russia’s role in election-related hacks of Democratic Party organizations and officials.

“There’s a possibility that he is [playing us] a little bit,” Woolsey said, referring to Trump’s statement at a New Year’s Eve party at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida that he would reveal what he knows about the hacking campaign on “Tuesday or Wednesday” of this week.

“Why not?” Woolsey added. “He [Trump] is not interfering with anything. He’s not talking about anything classified. … This is a behavioral mode that he has perfected. He has a point, which is that it is entirely possible to have various definitions of hacking.”


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