FORMER MEXICAN PRESIDENT: Trump is a ‘False Prophet’, His Speech is ‘Creating Violence’ in U.S.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.16.06 AMDidn’t know presidential candidates were prophets, did you?

Donald Trump is “absolutely” a racist, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said in an interview airing Friday, remarking that the Republican front-runner’s rhetoric is inciting violence in the United States.

“Every word that he says goes in that direction,” the former president of Mexico and noted Trump critic told Al Jazeera English’s “UpFront,” according to a transcript.

Trump’s “discriminatory speech is creating violence within the same United States,” Fox said, going on to accuse the GOP poll leader of believing in a “supreme white race, and all brown [people] and Afro-Americans and everybody else is insignificant to him.”

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