FORMER US AMBASSADOR: Hillary Benefited from Email Double Standard

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The Clintons act like they’re untouchable royalty. Time for that to stop!

A former ambassador to Kenya who was fired when Hillary Clinton was in charge of the State Department on Sunday accused Clinton of benefitting from a double-standard when it came to using personal email for official business.

Scott Gration, a former air force general who flew hundreds of sorties over Iraq, spoke to CNN from Kenya about his disappointment at losing his “dream job” as ambassador, saying: “As I look back, it does seem a bit unfair.

“It does appear that there was a different standard that was used in my case and was used in hers,” Gration said.

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Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, meanwhile, said Clinton’s use of personal email could have represented a security breach.

“I am a little bit worried about the security of those emails, they could have been prime targets for a cyber attack,” McConnell told CBS. “I don’t know what the legal picture is.”

Republican congressman Trey Gowdy, who is leading a House investigation into alleged State Department mishandling of the 2012 attacks on US outposts in Benghazi, Libya, expressed concern that Clinton’s use of a personal email service would prevent his panel from obtaining key emails pertaining to the attacks.

“I don’t want everything,” Gowdy said on CBS. “I just want everything related to Libya and Benghazi.”

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