FORT LAUDERDALE GUNMAN: ‘Walked Into FBI Office Claiming he Was Being FORCED to Fight For ISIS’

49459913-cachedThere were so many warning signs. So, so many. Why didn’t anyone get this guy help? Now five people are dead and he’s going to be behind bars for the rest of his life.

A GUNMAN who shot dead five people and injured eight others at a Florida airport “had walked into an FBI office claiming he was being forced to fight for ISIS”.

Esteban Santiago, the prime suspect in the mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport’s baggage reclaim, spoke to authorities about the terror group in November.

He told officials he was hearing voices in his head, some of which were telling him to join ISIS and watch their videos, and was taken to hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Santiago, who also told the FBI the government controlled his mind, gunned down 13 people at Fort Lauderdale airport today, killing five and injuring eight.

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The suspect’s aunt Maria Ruiz Rivera claimed the alleged shooter “lost his mind” while fighting in Iraq.

When quizzed why Santiago may have opened fire at passengers, her husband, Hernan Rivera, said: “No idea. Only thing I could tell you was when he came out of Iraq, he wasn’t feeling too good.”

Chilling photos posted on Instagram show Santiago posing next to UK landmarks in a jacket emblazoned with a skull and cross.

One image appears to show the alleged shooter outside Bath Abbey, but it is captioned “#London”.

His Instagram bio reads: “Here’s to finding whether or not your mission on earth is finished ; if your still alive … It isn’t.”

Santiago, who is accused of opening fire at passengers with a gun he had checked in his luggage, was reportedly receiving psychological treatment while living in Alaska.

Eight people were rushed to hospital after the mass shooting in Terminal 2’s baggage reclaim.

Santiago reportedly loaded the gun, which he had carried on a flight from Alaska to Florida, via Minneapolis, in the bathroom and came out shooting.

He is not thought to have said anything during the mass shooting.

Santiago is thought to have flown into Fort Lauderdale on a Delta flight from Anchorage, Alaska.

Senator Bill Nelson named Santiago as the suspect on news channel MSNBC and said he was carrying military identification.


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