Frankenfeinstein Unleashes Her Monster

bride“What may not be expected in a country of eternal light?” -MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENSTEIN

…and what may not be expected is a bunch of angry villagers from the Shining City on the Hill burning down Castle von Frankenfeinstein and her monster with it!

Look…conservatives get it…having some Zoloft-poisoned DemoKKKrat social progtard Call-of-Duty Angry-Birds Goth punk video game boy hosing down a classroom of cherubs is not the Kumbaya campfire utopia that we like seeing on the Sick O’clock News but it appears that in order for liberal illiterati to swallow the bitter pill of the failed Clintonesque fantasy of “…it takes a village to raise an idiot liberal child…”, it is demonstrably evident that the only way the dirty-hippie class can assuage their self-inflicted angst is to point fingers at an inanimate object as the subject of blame as well as the distinctly large class of law-abiding and armed citizens in the process.

Here’s Dr Dianne FrankenFeinstein’s shopping list of baaaaaaad guns:

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It is quite obvious that Frau Doktor had one of her disco queen Senate staffers, who would be intimidated by a Popeil salad shooter let alone a Larue Tactical OBR in 7.62, main lining his Starbuck’s half-soy all-fat caramel latte in an enema bag all night long looking at Wikipedia entries on eeevil firearms so Frau Frankenfeinstein, in a very feeble attempt, to appear smart before the media doyennes of douchebaggery on PMSNBC.

I went through this list with my bosses and crew at the gun shop in which I am employed…we actually had a good chuckle around this “comprehensive” list of big ol’ bad guns. Ok, the usual suspects are there: Colt/Smith&Wesson/Stag Arms/Bushmaster AR-15’s and variants. While there were about a half dozen or so companies represented in the AR-15 family listed due to their notoriety in the glossy “gun porn” magazines, there are over 60 US companies that produce the AR platform. Oops…looks like that staffer isn’t going to get that fan boy date with Lady Gaga.

Oh NOES! I kin not haz teh BOOSHMASHTER fum teh lizt?

OK…I guess I’ll just have to settle for the civilian variant of the M-14, which replaced the estimable M1 Garand, the Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM Scout rifle in 7.62×51 which isn’t on the list. Sometimes the best school is “old school”. Can’t get a Ruger Mini-14 in .223 Rem from the list? Oddly, the Ruger Mini-30 Ranch Rifle in 30-30 Win. is gloriously missing from Swindler’s List.

If these descendant platforms can stand the test of time from their respective ancestral histories serving in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and a host of other brush wars then isn’t well worth investigating the options that aren’t on Frankenfeinstein’s list in order to create social order against the constitutional incursions by unconscionable unConstituion-minded commie crap weasels?

Make a list of your own and check it twice against Frankenfeinstein’s list and get a Plan B on deck. And don’t just get the guns…get the parts too as you might have to do some home repairs on your platforms des jours.

Folks, there are other options out there and Dr Frankenfeinstein can eat a bucket full of suck-age. But let’s not delude ourselves as to the intent of Dr Frankenfeinstein’s Holy Grail of Gun Grabbing. This haggard old sow has been coming after our kit for decades.

It’s so odd too. Why should she be so upset about guns? After all, she would have never been mayor of San Francisco if one of her fellow DemoKKKrats, Dan White, hadn’t been on medication [Twinkies, if memory serves] which sent him into a Wild Bunch rage which resulted in the death of her other like-minded liberal colleagues, George Moscone and Harvey Milk. Without Dan White, she’d never have become mayor of San Fransicko which propelled her into the national limelight which ultimately led to her current status.

Is it just me or does it appear that DemoKKKrats have an inordinate propensity to slaughter their own either through errant mass gun play or abortion? Just think. Planned Parenthood slaughtered 55 million future DemoKKKrat voters in the last 40 years. Now they want the illegal alien vote to replace them.
It also appears that in her desperation to enshrine her liberal legacy that Dr Frankenfeinstein has broken current Washington DC gun laws to hold her little gun gouging circus on Capitol Hill by claiming that she had “permission” to display illegal weapons. Just exactly who gave her permission to break those laws? The police? The flippin’ Tooth Fairy? Is there a codicil in the DC gun laws that exempts anyone from breaking those laws or does one merely have to have a “D” after their political affiliation?

Maybe she was taking a cue from NBC news twerp David Gregory who openly displayed a 30 round magazine on Meet the Press during his interview with NRA mandarin Wayne Lapierre following the Newtown massacre. He also violated existing DC law by simply holding that mag in his hand. Once again some legislative Tooth Fairy signed off on his pinko permission slip.

Maybe it’s because he is such a venerated newsman? Naaah! Howzabout a geeky goober going Gangnam style instead. Yeah…he’s so coool and serious! He obviously didn’t get the memo that white boys can’t dance especially to Korean  rap[?!] Folks, have your kids leave the room before you play this video. It’s pretty scary. Don’t want the kidlets catching ADS [Adult Dork Syndrome]. 

Tupac must be break dancing in his bullet riddled grave.

There is an old Army trooper maxim. “It’s not 3 strikes and you’re out. There is always one more thing that you can do to stay in the fight and defeat the enemy.”

So, fellow villagers from the Shining City on the Hill, what “one more thing” are you going to do to stop the local, state and federal liberalista legislators from going Gangnam style on the 2nd Amendment with Frankenfeinstein’s criminal brained monster? If she fails in the Senate, any bets that some social progtard knucklehead is building a “Bride of Frankenfeinstein” in the basement of their mother’s trailer?


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