Free At Last? No Mo’ Homosexual Bullying For Brendan Eich

Screenshot 2014-04-08 at 3.05.40 PMMozilla, creators of the Firefox web browser, have recently forced the resignation of Brendan Eich, solely based on his “anti-gay” past. Mr. Eich has an otherwise spotless and gleaming record.

What was his hateful crime? Donating $1000 to Proposition 8. The law eliminated the rights of same sex couples to marry in California. It was passed by the people, but was later deemed unconstitutional by a federal court and thrown out.

Mr. Eich had worked for Mozilla for many years and was given a promotion. Soon after, many Mozilla employees took to twitter to voice their disapproval while asking that Eich step down, claiming they just could not reconcile having him as their CEO.

Mozilla later stated, “It was a mistake to hire him in the first place.” Brendan Eich “decided” to resign as CEO.

This could be great news for Conservative companies everywhere! We can now decide who to hire and who to fire based on the personal actions someone has made in the past. If they have donated to a homosexual campaign, it’s okay to call for their resignation, or to not even hire them in the first place.

Since companies now have the right to discriminate on their support of sexual preferences, we can no longer be forced to bake wedding cakes, perform photography shoots, or provide any other services for a special class of citizens, despite being against our moral beliefs.

Or, perhaps this too is another hypocritical case of homosexual bullying. Where on one side the bully is rewarded for beating kids up, while on the other, any speech or support are banned and severely punished.


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